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    St. Clement's Episcopal Church...Harvey IL, The Church That Cares About You. Whether you are new to the Episcopal Church, or have always been involved in God's work, we welcome you to our community of faith. St. Clement’s Episcopal Church, in Harvey Illinois is a dynamic, thriving Christian Church that seeks to know, love and serve God by doing the work of Jesus Christ in this world.

    We faithfully seek to live the Gospel in our individual and parish life as we feed the poor, strive for justice and take the Good News to the world. We proclaim the greatness of God through worship, fellowship, education and outreach. We build God's Kingdom and preserve God's creation through prayer, music, radio, TV, advocacy, and direct action. Great things are happening here and you can be a part of it. St. Clement's is known for the beauty and dignity of its Sunday Eucharist. We worship in the grand, "High Church" tradition with just a touch of urban Gospel in our music. Our choir is a dynamic group of talented voices. We would love to have you join the choir and help us worship God together. 

    We are proud members of the Episcopal Church


   WGBX 1570 AM


and active supporters of our Bishop, The Rev. Jeffery D. Lee and of the Diocese of Chicago. Together with our bishop, we preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and call all nations to discover God's grace and forgiveness. Working in concert with St. Joseph and St. Aidan's church, our dear friends in Blue Island IL, and with the VA medical centers, we carry out a visible and important ministry to hospitalized and homeless veterans.   

    By faith, we live the via media, or “middle way”, that is inherent to our Anglican and Episcopal heritage. We prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit to powerfully reveal God’s love to us and through us.  We are a church of every race and many languages and nations. We welcome young or old, lay and ordained, singles, families, or “empty-nesters,” gay or straight, veterans or civilians, the assured or seekers. All are welcome to explore our vibrant community within these 110-year-old walls. Come join us as we grow in faith and love. Help us proclaim “by word and example, the Good News of God in Christ.”    (The Book of Common Prayer, page 305)

     St. Clement's is known across the Chicago area for feeding the poor, running community gardens, supporting fair and honest community business practices, working for justice, advocating for military veterans, fighting against crime, violence, and gangs, doing beautiful liturgies, and proclaiming the Gospel in the pulpits and in the streets. Our pastor and our people are changing the lives of individuals and the life of this city.  You can help us make a real contribution to God's work here in Harvey... and across Chicago.

    St. Clement's Church is located on the corner of 153rd St. and South Loomis in Harvey Illinois, 15245 S. Loomis, Harvey IL 60426. We gather for worship every Sunday at 10:30, with fellowship hour immediately following the service.  We hold our community food pantry program every Tuesday from 3:30 to 5:30 and we have our clothing give-away program from 10:30 to noon on the fourth Wednesday of every month. We conduct a 15 minute weekly radio outreach program on WBGX, AM 1570, (it can also be accessed on the internet) every Thursday morning at 12:45 am.

   Please come and be with us on Sunday... or help us with our food programs. Listen to us on the radio, or look for us on Facebook to learn more about our ministry here in the south suburbs of Chicago.

    Please visit , call or write, or send contributions to the address listed above.  We will be glad to see you and we will be very happy to have your support.    

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